Cassie Harwood is a well seasoned hairstylist who divides her time between a stunning Manhattan boutique salon and the fast lane of the Fashion world. 

Since leaving her native Adelaide in South Australia, where she worked as a hairstylist for 10 years, Cassie Harwood has become a staple of New York Fashion Week circuit. She has been the lead on shows for Tony Matacheki, Akira, and Tome, and has traveled to Paris for Couture shows, working alongside fellow Australian Bowie Wong. In the 4 years that Cassie has been in New York, her work has been seen in various print and digital media, including Italian Vogue. Cassie also serves as the International Educational Ambassador for the Australian hair product company, Evo.


Harwood has established an elite clientele in New York City. Although she continues to educate and showcase her editorial strengths for publications, she still loves working with the rest of the Ruggeri team to make her clients feel beautiful on a daily basis.


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